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How to avoid short circuit on DIY PCB board?

Development board
May 5, 2019 by John Romo 287

My board is connected to the power supply via a USB socket. I accidentally made a short circuit 2 times and almost burned the USB port of the computer. How to avoid this situation?

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Karen O' Shea Posted on May 5, 2019

Visually inspect and use multimeter the PCB board before soldering. If there is no problem, start to DIY.
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Akaldeep Singh Posted on May 5, 2019

Recommended to use a multimeter to measure short-circuited after each soldering of one chip, so it is easy to find out where the problem is
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Kristiina Posted on May 5, 2019

Do not smash the soldering iron when soldering. If the solder is rubbed onto the soldering feet of the chip, it is difficult to find the problem.
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Kenneth Alvarez Posted on May 5, 2019

Open the PCB on the computer, illuminate the short-circuited network, and see where it is the closest , where is the easiest to connect. Pay special attention to the internal short circuit of the IC.
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Stephen Flett Posted on May 5, 2019

If short circuit happened, you can take a board to cut the line (especially suitable for single/double board). After secant, each part of the function block is energized separately, and excluded one by one.

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