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Hikvision announced that it will gradually increase the prices of some products.

  • Published:2021-06-10 09:38:25
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With the global "core shortage" price increase and raw material price increases, many chip manufacturers and hardware manufacturers have started a wave of price increases at the beginning of this year. As the rising trend of chips and raw materials continues, entering the second quarter, many of manufacturers have started a new round of price increases.

According to the price increase letter exposed on the Internet, Hikvision has issued a "Hikvision Notice on Price Adjustment" to customers on June 8. Hikvision said that due to the spread of the global epidemic, the prices of upstream raw materials have risen across the board, causing the production costs of products to continue to rise. Due to cost pressure, in order to better serve customers, maintain product quality and maintain stable supply, the company decided to gradually increase the prices of some products. "

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